Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oruha's mic and cups

Hey all,

Last weekend I had some time to start drawing Oruha's microphone.
It wasn't an easy job to be honest to get everything as straight as possible.
Found a lovely Oruha cosplayer and she had such a beautifull mic in her hands so I started out to draw my patterns by looking at her mic.
*picture of the Oruha cosplayer and her mic*

 I then copied the drawing and cutted out the pieces.

Used 2 different thicknesses of wood. 2 thick ones for the outer parts and 1 thinner wood for the inner part
 The inner part has those parts sticking out for the wings.

Glued the whole thing together and filed (if I say that correct..) the mic in a more smoother surface.
Still nog 100% satisfied but it looks much better for a second wood prop.

Now I'm testing the colors of the mic. Though I'd probably be able to really see this tomorrow morning since it's evening.

Upper part of the gold is 1 layer of varnish and gold powder.
Lower part is 2 layers of varnish and gold powder.
And at the very right is just yellow / brownish paint.
I'd like to give it some kind of a wood look so maybe I should try something else like special wooden paint or something.
I only know the dutch word for it and it's called "beits".

Oruha's Cups
Remember that I told you guys that I wanted to pimp up Oruha's bra cups?
Well bought 15 meters of pearlsband and this is how it came out.

Except for the weird point in the 3th wing of the left, it looks pretty awesome to me.

Tomorrow I start late so I might have some good time to make something out of my mic and maybe working on my SPD projects.

Kimberley (Megumii)

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