Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Long time no see *shame*

Hey all!!

Yup it's like too long ago that I posted something.
Last time was in February this year.
I mentioned that I was busy with my own clothingline Casuality.
My Facebook page
My Etsy shop

What was the big project??

Well not only have I started my own clothinglabel Casuality. I also made my dream come true by making a videoclip!!
That's right a videoclip.

My first collection was inspired by Big Bang - Fantastic Baby videoclip.
Official videoclip of Big Bang

I was so moved by their looks, the way they move, the music itself that I simply wanted to remake this videoclip in a female version.
So I started to create all the guys into girls and wanted to 'cosplay' them myself.

But I would not have been able to follow my dream if it wasn't without the incredible help and knowledge of Ben de Leijster, Bobby van Gemert and Tarquin Hashimi.
Not to mention all the great help all of my other models and dancers and locations where we where able to shoot.
Most of the videoclip it was myself presenting the 'guys'. Yet in the last part of the videoclip I had to have more models as I can't split myself in 5 XD
So here is an awesome group photo!!

This videoclip was ment to be shown on big screen on Animecon2013 and it did!!
A huge big screen on the wall has been showing my videoclip over 6 times while people where waiting before the cosplay competitions began.

On saturday of Animecon I had the opportunity at Deshima Sounds to MC the song and get the whole floor scream 'Boom Shakalaka' with me XD

Anyway I can go on and on about everything but I think I'll just leave this here ;)

Also a smal vid of behind the scenes
It's a wrap!!

Oh and here you can find the video of me MC'ing XDD
not a pro but it worked haha XDD
2:25 I got everybody saying 'Shakalaka' xDDD

Anyways that was my wild journey.

I've been inspired by a good friend Robin and I might want to do more with my blog and / or videos.
So yeah...stay tuned I guess??
I might change to different name or blogname for it. But I will keep you guys updated about it if I have any news.

Megumii (Kim)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Too long ago

Hi all,

Yup it's a looooooooooooong time ago xD
I guess I'm not such a blog person. Somehow I would like to but somehow I'd rather spend time on projects, friends and stuff.
I would love to be provide you with loads of info, loads of pics, loads of more crap but I simply can't seem to always find the time for it.

Pages like Facebook make it much easier to make a quick update on information and pictures.
I can even make the post from my mobile phone and stuff so that's pretty easy and cool.

This year I have to mention that I won't be having a new cosplay for Animecon2013
*deep shock*
Indeed deep shock as I normally always make new costumes for this convention for it's the biggest one in our country bit the biggest stage (new building) and the big compo's going on.
I haven't been on a compo since ECG 2011 :(

However I haven't been sitting still.
I have started to work on my first clothing collection since November.
Well Actually I really started on making in December but drawings, sketches and stuff in November.

Although I only have to make 1 more dress, I'm still not finished.
Further more details will be told soon but for now.....my mouth is shut :P

You can take a look in the 'sneak peek' section of my facebook page here

Btw, I DID started a cosplay...
but I had to leave it for what it was for this project.
You can still see some of the pics here :P

Hope to see you around on Facebook.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Some updates

Hey all,

Animecon is very close now. Two weeks left and I'm realy looking forward to it somehow XD
Walking around in new costumes, maybe having some photoshoots with Melissa if we have some spare time, seeing my friends again and also friends from other countries <3
Also probably looking forward cause I just need a weekend off with lots of fun XD

I'm also planning on giving a Bodycombat grouplesson!!
Yup that's right...fitness on a convention XD
Yet my only problem is that I trained a little too hard with some intense workouts (not the Bodycombat workouts) and that I injured both my knees >__<
For as far as I know it's not extremely injured but just more like 'OMFG...WTH YOU JUST DID WITH US U B*TCH!!!'
So I REALLLLLLY hope both my knees are at fully 100% strenght and that my fitlevel is at least at his 80% cause this truly sucks alot :((((

Anyways here are my updates:

Sheryl Nome wig:

Sheryl Nome's microphone

Wig for my Lily Vocaloid cosplay
Note: I'm wearing blue-ish contacts here

Also update on how her socks/boots look like

Close up of my eyes and make-up
Note: see the difference with the lens on top left.
At the right side it's my Sheryl Nome make-up (wich I have to alter a little bit)
At the bottom is my Lily make-up

 Also a picture of my old Sheryl Nome wig that I altered with pink wefts and recurled.

Still have to repair my other Sheryl Nome costume. I don't know if I will be able to wear it or get a photoshoot in it but hey...it's so extremely light weighted. It's more like a summer dress XD
Well gotta go.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

On the road again

Hey all,

The last time I posted something was a little too long ago.
Yes I do have a blog on my website and somehow...I just don't use it.

Somehow I needed a big brake of cosplay but it started to itch again around Januari.

At this moment I'm very busy with my Sheryl Nome costume.
It's from the movie and it's her final robe she's wearing when she's singing the song 'Sayonara no tsubasa'

Here are some pics

Jacket and details: 

Whole outfit:

Earrings: on the pic they are still missing the blue pearl


Wig: the first wig is going to be used for another Sheryl Nome cosplay. The second wig is going to be the wig for this costume.

I'm also busy with my Marieke mascotte oufit. She had to look like a gundam but I wasn't able to make it. So instead of a gundam I tried out an outfit for if Marieke was in the gundam itself.
It wasn't easy to design an outfit that looked cool and yet looked good with wooden shoes under it X__X
so I went back to her basic outfit but instead of sweet wide maid dress I made a leather semi-flared dress.
On her shoulders she has shoulderpads covered with studs, her maid apron and I still need a few more items.

Note: I didn't added the studs back then. Also my fittingdoll is black so you won't really see much.

Futhermore I'm busy with a 3th costume and this one is....
dum dum dum duuuum
yes a Vocaloid costume...
Actually a new vocaloid and this one is pretty sexy.

Lily - Vocaloid

Why?? Well...just because I can XDD

All costumes have to be finished before 19th of May....
Still a couple of weeks but alot of work still needs to be done X____x

Going to stop this post now cause I have to go to work.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Website online

Finally my website is online!!!!


Many thanks to my friend Drazen for helping and making the complete lay-out!!!

Kimberley (Megumii)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finaly!!! An ECG blogpost

Hi all!!!

I knooooowwww....it's been a while ^__^''
I'l make it up with a long post about Japan Expo in France, pictures and videos ok?

As some of you might knew from my previous post, I won the ECG solo preliminary rounds here in The Netherlands. Which means that I had to go to Paris and show them what the Dutch people where made off in the cosplay world.

The Journey:

Wednesday 29th June 2011
After a day of work my fiance and rushed to the station in The Hague to Amsterdam, got ourselves a slice of pizza and boarded the Thalys to Paris Nord.

Once we've arrived at the hotel I took a niiiiiiceee warm bath hahaha.
Hotel + bath = <3

Since my fiance and I didn't really had dinner we ate something in the lounge which was pretty good stuff ^__^

Thursday 30th June 2011
We had a day off but still decided to visit the Expo but just without cosplays.
We knew this would probably the only day that we could see the complete expo without standing still for photo's in a costume.

We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant near our Hotel. I didn't really enjoyed it alot but it was ok and I wasn't extremely hungry but still enjoyed it and was at complete ease and chilling the crap out of me XDD

In the evening we recieved our schedule for the upcoming days and also had to pick cards to see which solo and which duo would show up on stage.
I picked the card with 5th solo and 10th double. That means I had to get up as 5th person for the solo's and my friends, Rick and Ilona, had to show up as 10th act of the doubles.

Friday 1st July 2011
Today the hard work began.

At 9:00 AM a bus would drive us to the expo grounds.
We where free till 13:00 PM cause then we had to get dressed up to attend the Cosplay Show on a catwalk and show them the ECG 2011 finalist.

Please watch the video and see all the cool finalists!!
You can find Team Netherlands at 2:20
me, Ilona and Rick

After that we had to show up on the smaller 100% Cosplay stage.

Team Netherland....

We where free till 19:00 PM cause we had to do some rehearsels on stage.
After that we went back to the hotel for some dinner.

Saturday 2nd July 2011
The big dayyyy!!!!!!

We had to arrive at the expo at 7:30 AM, get dressed up as much as possible and do a rehearsel at 9:30 AM
After the rehearsel we got some time to finish our make-up and get dressed up.

In the first place my lights where still....shitty..
I was so happy that one of the staff came to me and asked me what should have been changed.
In the end it wasn't perfect but I still think it was nice to see though.
Thanks alot for fixing my light ^o^

We had more then 5 judges to judges our costumes. I think that was the only moment my nerves where itching in my stomach.
Furthermore I was just chillin around backstage without being nervous XD
I was very nervous before I went to Paris but being backstage was actually chill.
You could also see the acts of others cause they had a nice tv backstage XD

The compo should start around 13:00 PM or somethind but got delayed (that's normal ahaha)
The ECG (and WCS) preliminary rounds for France started right afterwards the ECG finals.
And the results came in pretty quick haha.

ECG solo winner

ECG double winner

Again congratulations to them ^____^
I have a few links that show you my act and a nice video of the whole compo

View the complete compo 

Here are 3 vids I found of my act ^___^

A close-up angle

I had a wonderfull time on stage and with everybody backstage.
It didn't feel like a big compo but more a big cosplaying family with the same love for costumes and acts.

Also watch the video of Team Netherlands' ECG couple.
Rick and Ilona
Who are also selected for the WCS in Japan!!

Finally after the compo we had some spare time again and a lot of stress fell of many shoulders I guess.
In the evening we drove back to the hotel and had our dinner.

On facebook we all made a deal that we should hold a ESG.
European Snackfood Gathering.
Every country should take something to eat from their homeland so we could all have a taste.
It was YUM!!!!!

Sunday 3th July 2011
The last day of Japan Expo

Even though the compo was over, we still weren't completely finished yet ;)
Yup that's right.
9:00 AM we had to be on the expo ground again and get all dressed up.
This time for awesome photoshoots ;)
Some where very tired and couldn't find the energy to get all dressed up anymore.

I did had my photoshoot with James who is a very good at making cosplay videos!!

Jeroen would drive back home by car but didn't want to drive back home too late.
So we took the change to get a ride to the hotel where we could pack our stuff XDD
Normally I could do this in the evening but we had our 1 and final ECG dinner at a bar / restaurant in Paris.

We had a great time and the food was great!!
Loved the burger and the service.

We recieved a ECG t-shirt
This is the group picture
 The guys and Daniella

The girls and Benjamin

Back home in the hotel I took a nice warm bath again.

Monday 5th July 2011
Our way back

Yup that's right. We had our traintrip back home to The Netherlands.

I had a great midweek in France. Loved all the people around me and chilled hard hahahaha.
Also had fun moments when Benjamin was asking me 'Are you ok?' again  XDDD

This has been my longest post X____X
Sorry for any typo's but right now I'm too lazy to check them XDDDD

Kimberley (Megumii)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hi all,

Last month the 6th till the 8th of may we had a convention called Animecon 2011
At Animecon we had a few big competitions going on.
The WCS (World Cosplay Summit), the ECG Solo (European Cosplay Gathering) and couple.

The WCS is held in Japan. Two cosplayers from the same serie / manga  will be representatives for the Netherlands in Japan Nagoya.

The ECG solo and couple is held in France. One cosplayer would be the solo representative and the couple would be the double representatives in France.

I entered the ECG solo competition with my newest cosplay Oruha from Clover and won the preliminary rounds!!!
That means I will be the Dutch representative and go to France to have the final competition against the rest of Europe.
(Spain, Belgium, France, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, UK, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands)

You can see my act here
Click Here!!

A few pictures of my cosplay on the convention

Also a few pictures of my mascot outfit for Animcon 2011

So...and now?

Well..I need to fix my wings. My wings contain from 2 parts cause I couldn't find big foam sheets.
I used adhesive plastic on it and due traveling my wings cracked a little. The adhesive plastic has a strong folding line in it now >__<

BUUUUT I finally found bigger foam sheets and I should be able to use each sheet for each wing part ^__^.
So yeah basicly I just have to start all over again with the wings.

I also might want to add some shoulder bands on the top. I sewed it much tighter allready but with the wings in it, it will slide down. >__<
Biggest thing I hate is just having to pull up my top everytime. It also looks so 'cheap'. Better use transparent shoulder bands then keep pulling your clothes.

For now..
I'm going to take a good rest. I feel totally crap X___X