Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oruha's progress


Been bit busy with my Oruha cosplay and I wanted to share some progress with you again.

Made Oruha's pointy cups and been busy with her skirt part.
I'm not 100% satisfied with the cups yet but I will definetly do something about it.
Here are some progress pictures.

I started ou t by making the shape out of craftfoam. I didn't had enough black so ignore the taupe colored one haha.

Heated the foam above my stove and used a ball kind of shape to form it in to the right shape.
 Used Pretex to harden out the foam at both sides. I used 3 tot 4 layers on both sides.
 This is Pretex btw. I believe you can buy it in most craftstores.
Mostly I use the transparent one but I accidently bought the white one >__<
 Because of the Pretex I kinda lost my shape so I had to reheat it again.

After reheating and stuff I cutted the pieces out a pretty strong vinyl fabric and glued it on the cups.
Cutted the shapes but as you can see....only the 2nd cup looks good enough >___<

Now there are 2 reasons for not liking this cups and I'v got a solution for both of them ;)
1: I don't like the edges
2: there is no depth in in when looking from a distance.
Solution: I will be used pearls on a band to cover of the mistakes and create some depth.
Yes I know this is not in Oruha's design and stuff but Another Cosplayer  inspired me to use it in her costume and on her wings.

It will look kinda like this (for as far as possible with 1 hand)

So I will be cutting the points a bit better and add the pearls hopefully next week.

As for her skirt I used 3 meter of black lining and also had some chiffon fabric with roses on it.
But I found some nice shimmery organza fabric so I couldn't choose which one I liked best.

Front: Lining only

 Back: Lining only

Front: Organza only

 Back: Organza only

What if we mix these together?
 Front: both layers and poofy effect
 Back: both layers and such a nice effect

This is how the trim looks.....still don't know if I should keep it this way since organza is a fabric that can easily rip...

My cat Akio (a.k.a. Mr.Owner) approves with the 2 layers.

I've added alot of pictures so maybe this post is a bit unreadable but I still hope you enjoy the pics.
Besides...pics tell more then words right ^__^

Well have to get back working on it again.
Hopefully I will be able to post something again very soon.

Kimberley (Megumii)


  1. Superleuk! :)
    Eerlijk gezegd vind ik de lining only het mooist, maar aan de achterkant is het poofy effect inderdaad ook wel errug gaaf!

    Tof hoe je de cups hebt gevormd, ziet er super handig uit, dat craft foam. Is dat ook hoe je dat noemt in NL? Ik zie er namelijk wel een potentional in voor het vormen van een mini harnas...

  2. Thanks Malou,
    I need the organza for the poofy look.
    My legs will be in the middle so the organza might not be shown very much ;)
    It's also more shiny then usual but I don't have anything else.

    Craft foam in Dutch is "hobby foam, knutselrubber, knutselfoam"
    The stuff you probably used to make you accesoires with when you where a kid.

    You can heat up the craftfoam above a stove. It will become a bit floppy and very warm. You can put it over a form and keep it that way until it cools down.