Thursday, February 10, 2011

Making off Oruha's corset

Heya ^__^

Been spending some time and stuff behind my sewing machine for Oruha's corset.
Also made some pictures of steps I took in this progress for as far as I could.
The corset is far from perfect but when I'm in timepressure I don't give much about things you don't see (like the inside of something that get's covered by some other details, while normally I do give a damn about these little things and I can get frustrated if the inside doesn't look as good as the outside XDDD

Anyway here are some progress steps and pictures:

The lining of the corset is simple black cotton.
Since I wasn't happy with my previous cups I used my mom's old bra.

This is the inside of the inside XDD
I stiffened the cotton lining with some interfacing so it would be moresturdy.

 This is my vinyl side which will come on top of the interfacingside.

I covered the cup with my stretchy vinyl fabric and pinned it down.
Used some glue and then handstitched the vinyl to the cup.

Now ofcourse there is always something that must go wrong XDDD
There where my finger is should be the place where a bra should hold the strap....mine was pointing at my underarms which is far from comfortable.
It would have looked better of the cup was more rotated....
Oruha's corset will be covered with these metal kind of feathers so I should take extra care of placing them at the right points.

Just to show you what a breast enhancer can do I will show you a few pics of without the use of filling up your cups and without.
There is minimal results but probably enough to just give it that extra boost.


And now

As you can see there isn't an extreme result but there is enough result to give that extra boost.
So if you need and extra boost, use it!
It does make a lot of difference in some cases ;)

Well that's it for today.
Will try to do something is this little upcoming hour but it won't be much.
Also no day off tomorrow so I won't be able to really finish things off this weekend I'm affraid :(

Kimberley (Megumii)