Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finaly!!! An ECG blogpost

Hi all!!!

I knooooowwww....it's been a while ^__^''
I'l make it up with a long post about Japan Expo in France, pictures and videos ok?

As some of you might knew from my previous post, I won the ECG solo preliminary rounds here in The Netherlands. Which means that I had to go to Paris and show them what the Dutch people where made off in the cosplay world.

The Journey:

Wednesday 29th June 2011
After a day of work my fiance and rushed to the station in The Hague to Amsterdam, got ourselves a slice of pizza and boarded the Thalys to Paris Nord.

Once we've arrived at the hotel I took a niiiiiiceee warm bath hahaha.
Hotel + bath = <3

Since my fiance and I didn't really had dinner we ate something in the lounge which was pretty good stuff ^__^

Thursday 30th June 2011
We had a day off but still decided to visit the Expo but just without cosplays.
We knew this would probably the only day that we could see the complete expo without standing still for photo's in a costume.

We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant near our Hotel. I didn't really enjoyed it alot but it was ok and I wasn't extremely hungry but still enjoyed it and was at complete ease and chilling the crap out of me XDD

In the evening we recieved our schedule for the upcoming days and also had to pick cards to see which solo and which duo would show up on stage.
I picked the card with 5th solo and 10th double. That means I had to get up as 5th person for the solo's and my friends, Rick and Ilona, had to show up as 10th act of the doubles.

Friday 1st July 2011
Today the hard work began.

At 9:00 AM a bus would drive us to the expo grounds.
We where free till 13:00 PM cause then we had to get dressed up to attend the Cosplay Show on a catwalk and show them the ECG 2011 finalist.

Please watch the video and see all the cool finalists!!
You can find Team Netherlands at 2:20
me, Ilona and Rick

After that we had to show up on the smaller 100% Cosplay stage.

Team Netherland....

We where free till 19:00 PM cause we had to do some rehearsels on stage.
After that we went back to the hotel for some dinner.

Saturday 2nd July 2011
The big dayyyy!!!!!!

We had to arrive at the expo at 7:30 AM, get dressed up as much as possible and do a rehearsel at 9:30 AM
After the rehearsel we got some time to finish our make-up and get dressed up.

In the first place my lights where still....shitty..
I was so happy that one of the staff came to me and asked me what should have been changed.
In the end it wasn't perfect but I still think it was nice to see though.
Thanks alot for fixing my light ^o^

We had more then 5 judges to judges our costumes. I think that was the only moment my nerves where itching in my stomach.
Furthermore I was just chillin around backstage without being nervous XD
I was very nervous before I went to Paris but being backstage was actually chill.
You could also see the acts of others cause they had a nice tv backstage XD

The compo should start around 13:00 PM or somethind but got delayed (that's normal ahaha)
The ECG (and WCS) preliminary rounds for France started right afterwards the ECG finals.
And the results came in pretty quick haha.

ECG solo winner

ECG double winner

Again congratulations to them ^____^
I have a few links that show you my act and a nice video of the whole compo

View the complete compo 

Here are 3 vids I found of my act ^___^

A close-up angle

I had a wonderfull time on stage and with everybody backstage.
It didn't feel like a big compo but more a big cosplaying family with the same love for costumes and acts.

Also watch the video of Team Netherlands' ECG couple.
Rick and Ilona
Who are also selected for the WCS in Japan!!

Finally after the compo we had some spare time again and a lot of stress fell of many shoulders I guess.
In the evening we drove back to the hotel and had our dinner.

On facebook we all made a deal that we should hold a ESG.
European Snackfood Gathering.
Every country should take something to eat from their homeland so we could all have a taste.
It was YUM!!!!!

Sunday 3th July 2011
The last day of Japan Expo

Even though the compo was over, we still weren't completely finished yet ;)
Yup that's right.
9:00 AM we had to be on the expo ground again and get all dressed up.
This time for awesome photoshoots ;)
Some where very tired and couldn't find the energy to get all dressed up anymore.

I did had my photoshoot with James who is a very good at making cosplay videos!!

Jeroen would drive back home by car but didn't want to drive back home too late.
So we took the change to get a ride to the hotel where we could pack our stuff XDD
Normally I could do this in the evening but we had our 1 and final ECG dinner at a bar / restaurant in Paris.

We had a great time and the food was great!!
Loved the burger and the service.

We recieved a ECG t-shirt
This is the group picture
 The guys and Daniella

The girls and Benjamin

Back home in the hotel I took a nice warm bath again.

Monday 5th July 2011
Our way back

Yup that's right. We had our traintrip back home to The Netherlands.

I had a great midweek in France. Loved all the people around me and chilled hard hahahaha.
Also had fun moments when Benjamin was asking me 'Are you ok?' again  XDDD

This has been my longest post X____X
Sorry for any typo's but right now I'm too lazy to check them XDDDD

Kimberley (Megumii)

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